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The brand of ZENIT was established by YOUNG FONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD since 1979 which is a pioneer of making refrigeration and air conditioning tools. After 2020, we change new company name AIR DRAGON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Our work including door latches, hinges, valve, manifold set, flaring tool, tube cutter, and insulation sheet type etc. Our company devotes to producing, selling and purchasing according to customer’s demands. The company’s expertise is our 40-year experience of vertical integration from produce to sell. Therefore, we have well-appearanced and well-functioned products for customer. Winning the customer’s trust and support for years, our products are now well-known in the world. Thanks to your trust, the brand, ZENIT, represents reasonable cost and high quality.

In the future, our company will continue our dedication to service and innovation. We will offer more alternatives to customer by bringing more products as well as cooperating with other industry.

We bring the best solutions to your refrigeration and air condition system.


ZENIT品牌成立於1979 年,由揚方企業有限公司創立,至今逾40年,為製造冷凍空調工具的先驅。2020年後,改名為上宸企業有限公司,並繼續致力於冷凍空調工具的開發生產、製造銷售、產品代購等服務,以40餘年經驗整合縱向資源,從原料生產至銷售皆由專業負責,並嚴格把關品質,讓交付給客戶的產品,無論外觀及功能皆有高品質水準。多年來,蒙客戶長久支持,讓產品暢銷世界,並奠定公司的基礎及信譽,更讓ZENIT成為合理的價格及高品質的代表。